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Our Happily Ever After: The Reception (Part 2)

June 30, 2014 in Wedding - No Comments
You can’t start a post any better than a group of strapping young (grooms)men singing a tune, right?
If you missed out on “Our Happily Ever After: The Reception (Part 1)“, let me remind you that our musicians challenged our guests to sing a tune with the word “love” in it each time they wanted a bride and groom smooch-er-oo. And boy did they all ever put their best foot forward.

This fab table group below, not only sang once, but twice, and the second time put together a medley of songs with the “L” word. 

And this theatrical bunch belted our Rent’s “Seasons of Love” complete with harmony.

After dinner (and several song performances later), it was time for dessert.

Some of the groomsmen couldn’t wait to join in the tasting.

And then came time for our first dance…

followed by father/daughter…

and mother/son.

Then the dance floor opened, and that’s when the party really started.

We had a DIY photobooth area in one corner of our reception tent where guests could snap photos as they pleased throughout the evening.

What can I say? My man’s got skills.

I love the images of Ryan and my grandma.
I feel like I need to add a thought bubble for her.
Here she’s thinking…”Oh my goodness, what have I gotten myself into.”
And here, “Oh, what the heck, I’ll just go for it. Boogie down”.

A beautiful song dedication from Ryan’s mother and family.
It was like we had our first dance all over again.

So sweet of them.

The bouquet toss…

And some garter toss prep…

Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” was only fitting.

The guys got really into it.

(and obviously so did the hubs.)

I mean this thing was pretty much fight to the death.

But alas, one prevailed ;).
After all this craziness, we took a moment for some night shots outside.

My ladies, gave Ry a short break and joined me for a little singin’ in the trees.

But he couldn’t stay away for long, we were just having too much fun to miss out.

And then even more jumped on this tree-lined “fun train”.

Then we took our skills indoors, where my sister and I put on what I am pretty sure was a sold-out stadium worthy rap performance.

And to finish off the evening in style, a game of spin the bottle. 
I mean, this is tradition at all weddings, no?

Not quite sure how it magically landed on Ryan?

Wow, and he had the same luck, fancy that.

I’m telling you, this went on for over an entire song. 
And honestly, it was one of my favorite moments from our reception. 

It was like one giant love fest between friends and family.

Finally, a few minutes before the end of the evening, we did get a chance to test out the photobooth ourselves.

And have a few fleeting moments to enjoy our surroundings and take everything in, just the two of us.

Meanwhile. Selfies were in full force.

And for the grand finale…

a few fireworks to send us out with a “bang”. 

(Okay, so technically there were sparklers, and there wasn’t really any bang…but you get the idea.)

And they lived….Happily Ever After.
The End.
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Special Thanks and Credits:
Cake/Cupcakes: The Sweetery
Florals: Cathy Ott
Vintage Rentals: Simply Vintage
Groomsmen Ties: Me and Matilda
Groom Tie/Hat: The Vintage Beau
Paper Lanterns: The Knot Wedding Shop
Photo Booth Props: Itty Bitty Wedding


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