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10 Ways you Know your Spouse Loves you Unconditionally

August 31, 2015 in Marriage - 2 Comments

I wake up each and every day without an ounce of doubt that I am loved by my spouse. He makes it a point (whether he realizes it or not) through his actions and words that this is a fact. Yes, I may be bragging about the mister just a bit, but in all honesty, he deserves it.

I know he loves me – no conditions or strings – just because I am me.

What are some ways a spouse shows that he loves you unconditionally?

1. He supports your goals, and he honestly believes you can accomplish them. He is your biggest cheerleader and your number one fan. He believes in you, even at those times when you, yourself, may be in doubt. No matter how serious or silly he may think the goal is, he knows and wants wholeheartedly, as much as you do, that you reach it.

2. He continues to court you and date you. My husband and I try our best to go on weekly dates as a married couple and value their importance in our relationship. I am always impressed as he continues to hold my hand and tell me I look beautiful (even when I am rocking a messy bun). He continues to show me how excited he is that I’m “his girl”.

3. He spends his down time with you. Now I am not saying he needs to spend every waking moment with you, but he also shouldn’t be spending every free moment away from you either. Your spouse should want to spend some good old fashioned quality time with you when he gets the chance. After all, he said he wanted to spend forever with you right? If he was up for that, a few hours of R & R with his gal should be cake.

4. He listens when you speak. Even more importantly, he listens actively. Television off, phone in pocket, eyes on you- engaged listening.

5. He continues to listen even when you share the same thing over and over again. My husband has learned that I process through talking. That meaning, sometimes I need to talk about the same thing tirelessly, maybe even over a period of days, maybe even after I said I was done, maybe even if I am not seeking a solution –  I still need him to listen. Bless his heart (and his ears), he does.

6. He speaks highly of you to others even when you are not around. He doesn’t succumb to “guy talk”, but rather demonstrates a respect for you and your relationship in every conversation he has. Heck, he may even gush about you a time or two to his friends.

7. He partakes in your antics and activities. My husband deserves a medal for all of the crafts, diets, yoga classes and clay masks he has been subjected to throughout the years. While he may not have enjoyed every minute (or maybe even any minute) of them, he did and continues to do these things because he loves me and he knows these things are important to me.

8. He knows when you need help, and he picks up the slack.  Whether that means running an errand, folding the laundry or bringing you a Jamba Juice smoothie and asking what he can do to help; he is there. He is the other half of the “we” in your team.

9. He prays for you. He shares in your fears and your joys, and shares these same fears and joys with God as well.

10. He tells you he loves you. This may be the obvious one, but those three words never get old.

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  • The Girl who Loved to Write September 3, 2015 at 2:06 pm

    I love this! Dating after your married is so important!

  • Bea Lincoln October 5, 2015 at 5:19 am

    And Ryan looks really good with that mask on too! Glad I got to see you when you were home for the grand opening of the center.

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