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Dye-Free Edible Fingerpaint

Fingerpainting is a staple of childhood. It provides kids with opportunities to engage their senses while simultaneously promoting creativity. And while there are store bought options out there, I’ve come to find there is nothing quite like homemade. Which is why, today, I am sharing in how we make our favorite dye-free edible fingerpaint.Dye-free edible fingerpaintWhen this little guy was about 9 months old, I decided it may be fun to start giving fingerpainting a whirl. Because I knew he would most likely be putting his fingers in his mouth, that eliminated traditional finger paint options from my realm of possibilities almost immediately.

I started the hunt for homemade edible options, and while I found many, I was disappointed to see that the majority of them used artificial-dyes to achieve the desired colors. While this will certainly work, we prefer to go the all natural route in our home. Not to mention, good ole’ mother nature has created just about every color you will need!


The base recipe for this edible fingerpaint could not be simpler. Are you ready? Here is the supply list:


Real Food, Powders or Spices (for color)

That’s it!

We’ll chat color in just a moment, but first, let’s chat yogurt.

High quality yogurt provides both calcium and protein and has been shown to potentially enhance healthy gut bacteria. All things that growing little ones can benefit from. All things that make it a perfect medium for both painting and snacking!

Don’t do dairy? There are plenty of alternatives to traditional yogurt out there. We love coconut milk yogurt, but you could also give almond, cashew  oatmilk or others a whirl.

Whether you are going the traditional route or dairy free, I would encourage you to select an yogurt option that is void of any added sugar.


Because introducing sugar, in particular, before the age of two has been shown to potentially impact kid’s taste preferences. Not to mention, too much sugar can have a negative impact on their overall health. So while they are still in these formative taste-bud “budding” years, most pediatricians would agree, it’s just best to avoid it if you can.

Dye-free Edible FingerpaintColor Options:

When it comes to natural coloring options, there are a multitude of options.

My absolute favorite for vibrant coloring is to use superfood powders like those from Unicorn Superfoods or Suncore Foods. Not only are these powders made with nutrient dense ingredients like pitaya, spirulina, beets and more, but they couldn’t be easier to use. Just snag a small spoonful and mix them in.

The only downside to these powders is they can be a little pricey and you might not have them readily available in your kitchen. So that’s when you may find these other real foods and spices handy:

*For all options, mix in until you achieve your desired paint shade. Some will require some prep work prior to adding. Others will not.
Yellow: Turmeric 

Pink: Beet powder 

          Beet Food Coloring

          Hibiscus Food Coloring

          Raspberry Food Coloring

Blue: Blue Spirulina 

           Red Cabbage Food Coloring

Green: Spinach (blend it right into your yogurt)

             Spinach Food Coloring  

              Parsley Powder

Purple: Blueberry Food Coloring

             Black Goji Berry Powder

Orange: Carrot Powder


Whatever color combo you choose, one thing I would encourage you to do, is include your child in the process. For toddlers and older children, have them add and mix in the ingredients. Ask them to predict what color it will make, etc. For babies, let them observe and even sample some of the mix in’s as you go. Making dye-free, edible fingerpaint can be an engaging learning experience for kids from start to finish!

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