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6 Ways to Use Magnetic Tiles with Toddlers

December 14, 2017 in Homeschool, Toddler Activities - No Comments
This post was written in exchange for a 3-D Designer Artistry Kit from Picasso Tiles; however, all opinions are my own. 
Magnetic tiles are full of possibilities for toddlers. From building to problem solving solving to basic skills, there are a wide variety of learning opportunities to be had. 
We love toys at our house that keep our little man engaged and learning time and time again. While there are certainly a variety of flashy and fun toys on the market, what I have often found is that the toys that keep him most engaged are some of the simplest. The ones without all the lights, sounds, bells and whistles. We love the classics like books, blocks, and puzzles.
Which is why when I was presented with the opportunity to partner with Picasso Tiles  to try out their magnetic building tiles, I had no doubt they’d be a hit with my favorite toddler. Picasso Tiles offers a variety of different magnetic building block sets that come with several different shapes and sizes. We received their 42 Piece Artistry Set for review, and after a few days of play, I quickly realized that there was a large potential for learning opportunities when using them.

Ways to Use Magnetic Tiles with Toddlers

1. Build with them.

This may be the obvious use for them, but because they do connect to one another so easily, our tiles have proved to be a wonderful building toy for our child. While we certainly love blocks, Legos, etc., our little one can become easily frustrated when things topple and/or he cannot get the pieces together the way he had hoped. These tiles have virtually eliminated that frustration component for him in building towers, etc. as the pieces snap into place so effortlessly.

2. Sort by Color

With the rainbow array of colors provided, I decided to start a few piles of different colors and ask my toddler to continue the sorting process. With each tile that was place, we repeated the name of the color for practice. Added bonus – Because the tiles are magnetic and lock into place, the piles don’t end up all mixed up in the process.

3. Sort by Shape

Our particular set also comes with 6 distinct shapes, which gave us another unique opportunity for sorting fun. Sorting this way is also giving our babe skill practice that can transfer to other tasks such as putting puzzle pieces in their designated space, putting his blocks in the correctly shaped hole etc. 

4. Introduce Science Concepts. 

Picasso Tiles also provide a wonderful introduction to beginning science concepts By playing with the tiles and working to connect them, our little one can see that while some pieces are attracted to one another, others, try as he might, will simply not connect. He can begin to see the laws of physics and gravity in action as he builds and structures tumble. And he can seek to problem solve and think critically in an age appropriate fashion in doing so. 

5. Test them out in new places. 

While our tiles work great on our living room rug, they can be used in a multitude of spaces to create new learning opportunities. Bring them in the kitchen for your little one to use on the fridge as you make dinner. Create a sensory experience with them by placing them in a bin of sand or water. It’ll be like they’ve got a whole new toy!

6. Engage in Imaginative Play. 

Finally, we have gotten a kick out of just using the tiles to be silly and imaginative as a family as well. Whether they become a hat, a megaphone or something else, the possibilities are truly endless when you let your child take the lead and open up that possibility of creative play.
If you are looking for last minute gift ideas for the holidays or even to hold on to for a rainy day, this may be a great time to try out some Picasso Tiles of your own. 
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6 Ways to Use Magnetic Tiles with Toddlers



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