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Because Love is Everyday

January 30, 2018 in Motherhood - No Comments
This post was written in exchange for a Custom Pencil Portrait from Caleigh’s Custom Fine Art Portraits; however, all opinions are my own. 
As this season of “love” approaches, I have been thinking a great deal about ways in which we can go about these next few weeks full of hearts, flowers and chocolates in a meaningful way with our little man. And while there will certainly be festive banners hung and Valentine’s made in our home, I want to ensure it goes deeper than that. I want this little blossoming boy of ours to know not only what a heart is, but how to have a heart for people. I want him to not only understand love as gift giving, hugs and kisses, but something that is without conditions- something that is unconditional.
As I have begun to reflect on these upcoming weeks more and more, it is serving as such a powerful reminder to me, that these are not simply things we talk about and carry out with our actions at the beginning of February. These are things that God calls us to be and do as His children, and with that it is our responsibility each and every day to model these things for our children as well. Which leads me to the question I then need to be asking myself on a daily basis – how am I demonstrating unconditional love for my son and the people I encountered today through my words and actions? 
Did my child walk away from our conversation about his “uh oh” this morning knowing that “mama” loves him no matter what mistakes he makes? Did he feel loved today with each touch, each hug, each meal and each word I shared? Was I present today when he was engaged in something of value to him in his own little way? Did I model love through my conversations with our cashier at the grocery story and the smiles, waves and turn taking with other customers? Did I say “I’m sorry” when I recognized I had make a mistake? Did I talk to my child today about our God who loves him more than I could ever begin to imagine, and how he made the ultimate sacrifice because of his unconditional love for us? 
As you can see there is so much more to the question – “how am I demonstrating unconditional love for my son and the people I encountered today through my words and actions” – than meets the eye. But I think that’s why it is such a powerful question. It’s not a simple check off the box, yes or no, or “I can cover this the week of Valentine’s Day” kind of thing. It’s a 365 days a year, continuing to strive to be better, deep-digging self reflection kind of thing. It requires us to be cognizant of our words and actions, and how they impact others each and every day. So as we approach this “season of love”, I encourage each of us, myself included, to certainly be thinking about how we can spend time and energy showing those around us how much we care. But let’s not let it stop when February 14th ends. Because caring and loving on others is not something we just do once or twice a year, but that should be a way of life for each and every one of us. 
Wondering about this beautiful custom portrait of Asher and I? It was created by the incredible Caleigh Bird. Honestly, it could not have been a more fitting piece for this post as the joy and love that exudes from this portrait just makes this mama heart all a flutter. If you are interested in a one of a kind, custom drawing of your little one you’ll cherish forever, Caleigh is your girl. She is not only talented, but so much fun to work with and she shares the progress of your piece with you every step of the way. You can learn more about the drawing materials she used and and what she’s all about here. Or click here to learn about the variety of portrait opportunities she has in store for your family.

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