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Olympics Themed Activities for Toddlers

February 18, 2018 in Homeschool, Toddler Activities - No Comments

In honor of the Winter Olympics taking place over the course of these next few weeks, we took the opportunity this week to learn a little bit about the games and how to play some popular winter sports. As with all Olympic events, we kicked off our week by lighting our “Olympic Torch”.

To make our torch, I snagged a flashlight floating around our house and simply wrapped a piece of tissue paper we had on hand around the top (you could certainly use orange or yellow as well). Then I wrapped aluminum foil around the based to cover it as well as hold the tissue paper in place. We closed all of the windows in the bedroom and had a blast watching our torch light up the ceiling and walls and making shadow puppets. After our torch lighting ceremony, we headed to our craft area for a little fine motor activity where we created the fire of the torch by gluing scraps of construction paper to the page. I drew an outline on the top prior to gluing to help guide Asher, but as you can see, one little friend didn’t quite make it in – and I think it just adds character!

On Tuesday, we learned about the Olympic rings and utilized them to practice some color sorting. I cut out the rings from the outer ring of paper plates and colored them with crayon. I then cut out two rectangles of each color of construction paper and added the color names as a visual for Asher while he sorted them. After sorting our colors, we played a game of “Ring Toss” with them. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how this one was going to go, as tossing is still a little tricky for us, but Asher loved just placing the rings on the paper towel tube, taking them off, and doing it over and over again.

On Wednesday, we talked about our country and team – USA! I had pre-made this USA craft and wrote out a variety of the letters U, S, and A in advance for Asher to use for a letter sort. After I modeled a few, he was able to place the letters on top of each letter that they corresponded to and then we worked to glue them together with his glue sponge.

On Thursday, we read about the sport of Hockey. Given we live in the North there were lots of books available to us for this one! After reading about the different key aspects of the sport, Asher and Dad played their own game of in-home hockey. The night before I filled a pan with water and lego “nets” to freeze before morning. For our “puck” I snagged a bottle cap, and we used plastic spoons for “sticks”. Honestly, these two had the best time playing together and Asher lit up each time we cheered for his goals. You can find the original version of this game on Plativities.

On Friday, we learned about the sport of Skiing. We started the morning by “skiing” with our friends. We ripped apart an Amazon box we had on hand to make our ski slope, and I snagged two of Asher’s little people and fashioned them on pairs of popsicle sticks to be our skiers. Then off they went down the slopes. I’ll admit they had quite their share of wipeouts, but hopefully they enjoyed themselves – I know we did. Activity credit: Toddler Approved.

Later that day, we worked together to create a ski scene for Asher. I printed and cut out a picture of him in his winter gear and then pasted that along with a pair of skis I made from pipe cleaners to a sheet of white paper. I then drew the outline of a mountain, upon which later we worked together to glue unwound cotton balls to create our snowy scene.

Finally to close our ceremonies this week, Asher received his very own gold medal for all of his hard work. Oh and a cookie, which I’m going to be honest, I think he cared about a heck of a lot more! But at the very least, it made for a cute photo op. Feel free to check out this gold medal winner’s clean cookie recipe here.


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