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Spanish Color Activities for Toddlers

Asher has been right on the cusp of figuring out some of his colors for weeks now, so I thought I would spend a week giving him a little boost. While we still certainly have some work to do, it was great to hone both of our brains in this week on some of these basic concepts. Let it be noted that while the activities/colors you see below are in Spanish, you could certainly adapt any of these ideas into your language of choice.

We kicked off our week on Monday with an overview of the colors by learning a new song about them that we would sing each day throughout the week. I found and adapted our song from Spanish Playground (sung to the tune of “10 Little Fingers”) and wrote it out on large construction paper utilizing the corresponding crayon color for each name in the song. As you can see, it’s nothing fancy by any means, but it served its purpose to kick off our lesson each day.

After singing our song through a few times that first day, we worked to link the colors in the song to their name by coloring our own set of “crayons”. I labeled each crayon ahead of time with each of the colors represented and had Asher search for the corresponding color from our crayon set to add his own color to the each crayon. I’ll admit, most got a little scribble as he was eager to move on to the next crayon, but with toddlers, you take what you can get, right?

On Tuesday through Friday, we spent time focusing on one color per day. For each of these days, I would begin by reading a book in which I highlighted our specific focus color. I would also take a moment to specifically point it out again in our song. Then Asher completed a sponge painting project each day tied to the color (as it’s something he is digging right now).

The following were the texts read and activities completed from each of these days:
Tuesday- Llama Llama Pijama Rojo
Wednesday – El Camioncito Azul
Thursday – Veo amarillo (Sun painting)
Friday – Veo verde (Avocado painting)

After our sponge painting activity each morning, we followed up with a scavenger hunt for items of that particular color. This provided Asher with a great kinesthetic learning opportunity and me with a chance to continue reviewing the name of the color as he located items time and time again. This activity is originally from Busy Toddler, and worked great as our more “independent practice” type activity each day as the more we did it, the more he got the hang of it. In the end, I saved all four scavenger hunt bags created (one for each color) and Asher and his dad did a sort on Saturday in which he had to organize items of all four colors into their corresponding bags. It was a nice way to bring it all together and get dad involved too!

To wrap up our week, I found this adorable little Lego Monster activity from Toddler Approved. As a mom of a kiddo who loves his Legos, I knew this would be a hit. To make our monsters, I simply printed clipart monsters in each of the focus colors from our week. I then attached them to the lunch bags and cut out mouth holes wide enough to fit an average sized Lego. I presented Asher with 3-4 Legos in each color at first, and modeled for him how the monsters want to eat the Legos of the color they represent. He got the hang of it really fast, and he was off. After finishing up with the Legos I presented to him, he even went to his bin to collect a few more.

I also made a new board book to share with Asher to conclude our week so we could continue reading and learning more about our colors in addition to those opportunities we take advantage of as we go about our daily routine each day. Those of you who have followed along with us for any length of time know my love for DIY board books. You can find a variety of sizes on Amazon by simply searching “blank board book” for your use with your child as well. For this one, I utilized clipart shirts from MyCuteGraphics and placed them over a photo of Asher in a variety of colors. I then created a simple, repetitive text to correspond with the photos highlighting the color of the shirt each page. Now we have a new book we can keep for years to come!


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