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Gluten/Dairy Free “Comfort Food” Swaps for the Whole Family

This post was written in exchange for products from Kiddiebites, however, all opinions are my own.

There have been so many adults and kids alike that have made the switch to a gluten and even dairy free lifestyle over the past several years either out of necessity or desire for a healthier lifestyle. In doing so, I often hear individuals at the start of their journey share concerns of missing out on some of their former favorite “comfort foods”. That being said, not only has the food industry come a long way in ensuring many of these are still made available to us “free” folks, but also there are an incredible array of recipes out there now that provide us with alternative and creative ways of going about making many of these goodies that then nourish our bodies in the particular way we need or desire.

Being an individual who has eaten gluten-free and predominantly paleo in an attempt to heal my body for several years now, and in turn, one who is seeking to share the benefits that I’ve seen with my little guy from the start, I’ve had the opportunity to learn more than a few tricks of the trade along the way. With that said, I thought it may be fun to document some of my favorite “fun” finds, especially as a mom. Below, you will find a full day’s worth of “swaps” that were kid-tested and approved by my two-year-old, for those common “comfort foods” we see on the store shelves. Not only that, but I’ve included both store bought, ready-to-go, options as well as those that take a bit of recipe navigating for each item included. And don’t let the toddler-sized portions fool you, you better believe we indulge in each one of these snacks and meals as an entire family on the regular as well. 

Breakfast: Eggs, Mangos and Waffles

Waffle Swap
Store Bought:  Kitchfix – Grain Free Waffles (They taste like the real deal, and the ingredient list is on point.)
Homemade: Hungry Hobby – Coconut Flour Pancakes (I know they aren’t waffles, but they are delicious and in the same food family, right?)

Morning Snack: Mandarins and Puffs (aka “Cheetos”)

Cheeto Swap:
Store Bought: LesserEvil – Grain Free Paleo Puffs (They come in flavors like “Himalayan Salt” and “No Cheese- Cheesiness”.)
Homemade: Buona Pappa – Green Kale & Apple Puffs (The cool part with these is you can swap the ingredients for whatever you’d like!)

Lunch: Carrots & Hummus, Sautéed Mushrooms and a Sandwich

Sandwich Swap:
Store Bought: Lettuce “Buns” or Siete – Grain Free Tortillas (Seriously all, we use these babies for “bread” replacement, for wraps, you name it.)
Homemade: Grass Fed Girl – Paleo Sandwich Bread (This is just one of the hundreds of recipes out there for your viewing and tasting pleasure.)

Afternoon Snack: Banana and “Cookie”

Cookie Swap:
Store Bought: Simple Mills – Crunchy & Soft Baked Cookies (Made with ingredients like coconut sugar and almond flour- did I mention they make delicious crackers as well?)
Homemade: Gimme Some Oven – No Bake Energy Bites (Because not only do they taste legit, but they can be whipped together in 5 minutes or less.)

Dinner: Purple Sweet Pots, Cauliflower Mash and “Corn Dogs”

Corn Dog Swap:
Store Bought: I mean you could just rock a plain hot dog, because I’ll be honest, I haven’t found this one premade yet. We love Applegate Grass Fed Dogs.
Homemade: Jay’s Baking Me Crazy – Paleo Corn Dog Muffins (No joke, it’s like State Fair without the after effects. Actually, dare I say it, it may be better.)

Now that I hope everyone is sufficiently hungry, can we take a moment to also appreciate these new plates  my little guy is rockin’? In addition to food “swaps”, I’ve been slowly but surely working to replace all the plastic dishwater in our house with safer and more sustainable options. These plates from Kiddiebites are made in the USA from 100% food and medical grade silicone and are free from BPA, BPS, PVCs, pthalates and lead. 

Any other foods you’d like to know about “swapping”? Let me know in the comments below, as well as if you have any favorite “swaps” yourself. Bon appetit!


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