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How to Create a Weekly “Clean” Routine

September 7, 2018 in Uncategorized - No Comments

This post was written in collaboration with CleverMade, however, all opinions are my own.

A few months back, my husband and I sat down and developed a weekly cleaning and organizational schedule for our home. Prior to this we had things that we loosely accomplished the same day each week, but I always felt like we (or maybe I, in particular), needed more structure to ensure that everything we wanted to accomplish got done on a more consistent basis. While things do come up, I have found that having this plan in place has definitely given me more peace of mind as we navigate our busy weeks.

We developed our plan in a shared Google document, but I would encourage you to do so in a way that works best for your family. Are you more of a print and hang on the fridge type bunch or a synced calendar couple? Are your children at at age where it may be appropriate to include them in the planning and enacting process? Take some time to consider what may be the best mode to ensure all are not only included, but have easy access to their role.

Furthermore, when planning, I would encourage you to think about two other key questions:
1) What do each of your days of the week look like?
For instance, Tuesdays are busy in our family as my husband and I both work that day. So there is less time to get other things around our home accomplished. In contrast, for us, unless we have something going on all weekend, Saturdays and Sundays often work well for knocking out bigger tasks as we can conquer them together (or while one person watches our little guy) all in one sweep. We utilized this knowledge in developing our plan.
2) What are each persons preferences, skills etc.?
Over time my husband and I kind of fell into a rhythm of him conquering dishes and me the laundry. For us, those are the two biggies that seem to never end, as I’m sure you all can attest. Because we fell into that rhythm naturally, we decided to work that into our plan. All other tasks we often tag team, especially those delineated for our weekends. But we do both stick pretty well to our dishes and laundry responsibilities independently. And I’ll be honest, I think I got the easier end of the deal, especially that now I’ve got our CleverMade SnapBasket Laundry Caddies to tote all of our loads up and down the stairs more efficiently. Where do your family’s natural tendencies lie? Tap into that if you can.

Alright, so with all of that said, here is more or less the weekly routine we landed on for our family. Again, it will look different for everyone though depending upon your family’s time, desires and needs.

Monday: Dishes, Grocery Shopping (We don’t leave home without our eco-friendly Snapbasket Collapsible Totes.), Laundry: Lights

Tuesday: Dishes (This is our busiest day of the week, remember, so we kept it at a minimum.)

Wednesday: Dishes, “Wipe Down Wednesday” (Honestly, we just thought this alliteration was a fun way of basically saying that today we will tackle one task that isn’t on our weekly list each week that we probably wouldn’t otherwise get to: ie. wipe down cabinets, organize desk papers, etc. )

Thursday: Dishes, Laundry: Darks, Vacuum High Traffic Areas

Friday: Dishes (Another light day, because let’s be honest, by Friday we are usually pooped!)

Saturday/Sunday: Dishes & Stove Cleaning, Laundry: Towels/Bedding, Vacuum & Mop All, Clean Bathroom, Organize & Wipe Down All Tables (Remember, we like to divide and conquer and weekends when we are both home work best for us to do so.)

We did add a few additions to our schedule that we recognized were things that didn’t necessarily need to get accomplished every week as well. Items such as dusting, deep cleaning our tub, etc. we decided would get conquered the first weekend of every month. Now those may certainly be things you do on a weekly basis, thus some of these types of items and others that are important for your family may warrant an additional discussion.

In all, while we don’t always follow it to a tee, I’m glad we took the time to sort through a weekly cleaning and organizing routine that would work for our family. As we move through various seasons of life, I have no doubt that we will need to continue to revisit our ideas and tweak them as necessary, but I’m grateful to have the building blocks in place to reorganize or rethink as needed.

What about you? Do you currently have a cleaning and organizing routine in place? What have you found to work well for your family?

And if you’ve been eyeing our CleverMade SnapBaskets throughout this post, let me be the first to say, they have made these daily “to do’s” we’ve set out to accomplish go just that much more smoothly. With various sizes available for carting everything from laundry to groceries to a picnic lunch, we can use them for just about anything. Not only that, but once I have finished using them, I love that I can snap them down and place them in the smallest of spaces or closets in our home and up off the floor and out of the way until I need them again. These totes are high quality, environmentally friendly, and are sure to complement any family’s weekly “clean” routine!


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