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Breath a Sigh of Relief with Smartbeat Video Baby Monitor

December 9, 2018 in Motherhood - No Comments

This post was written in collaboration with Smartbeat, however, all opinions are my own.

As a mama to a preemie, I entered the world of parenthood to the tune of monitors. For the first few weeks of my little one’s life, we had constant access to his heart rate, oxygen levels and more while he was both awake and sleeping giving us peace of mind that all was well in that tiny body of his. When we finally brought Asher home, I will admit, I had a difficult time being away from all of those reassuring beeps and buzzes from the hospital. The hardest for me was the nighttime when I needed to be getting much needed rest myself, but struggled with worries like “Is my baby breathing?” or “Is he okay?” throughout many of those first few weeks home together.

This weekend I had the opportunity to try out a new product that seeks to bring all parents that peace of mind that I had from those monitors those first few weeks of Asher’s life. Smartbeat is a video baby monitor with breath detection, whose founder Nate Ruben, sought to create the monitor after his wife experienced many of these similar feelings and fears that I felt those first few months home.

What makes Smartbeat stand out from other monitors on the market is it’s unique ability to identify more that 16 million shades of color, which enables it to see movement as tiny as the inhale and exhale of a swaddled newborn. Using a simple cell phone or tablet app, parents receive access to HD video feed of their little one with both real-time motion and breathing status throughout the night.

One of the features I also love about the camera is that it offers a 355 degree panoramic view of your little one’s space. This makes it not only flexible in terms of where it can be placed in the room, but also, a great option as your child grows as well and may be more readily able to move about the room throughout the night, which is a stage I know we are going to be at all too soon in our home!

Other noteworthy features of this monitor include:

  • Alerts when your baby both falls asleep and wakes up
  • Two-way audio that enables you both to listen in and talk to your little one as needed
  • An included base station which ensures that monitoring continues even if internet connection slows or stops through the night
  • An in-app breath tracking report which has the potential to provide you with information about your child’s overall well being and indicating potential physical stressors like oncoming cold or infections often times even before other symptoms appear
The Smartbeat Video Baby Monitor officially begins shipping December 10th, which makes it a perfect gift idea for parents-to-be on your list for the holidays. After having the chance to check it out myself, I can say without a doubt that this will be our go-to monitor when baby #2 comes around. The peace of mind it provides, along with the true care and commitment I know was put into creating it for families like ours (and yours), is like no other monitoring device out there.
Feel free to check out this video for a more in depth look at the Smartbeat or hop on over to to order your own today.

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